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Ideological origins of the expanded Executive

Cheney began his political career as an intern for William Steiger in 1969, and the Nixon administration shaped his broader political beliefs. Post-Watergate, executive power was at a low; Dick campaigned for Ford (who lost to Carter in 1976) and thereafter … Continue reading

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Military service

Dick came of age to enter US military service in 1959 when he turned 18 years old. He registered for the draft, graduated from Natrona County High School in Wyoming that year, didn’t enlist and later began studying at Yale … Continue reading

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Dick Cheney has no pulse

Metaphorically speaking this may always have been the case, but now it’s literal: this July our Cheney was implanted with a mechanical heart that employs continuous blood flow, leaving him without a pulse. This is only the most recent episode … Continue reading

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